In February 2019, the federal government announced the Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) in America Initiative. The initiative leverages data, tools, and resources to reduce new HIV infections by 90-percent over the next 10 years. Marion County is one of the jurisdictions to receive EHE funding from HRSA. In addition, Marion County will receive funds through the State of Indiana. Funding awarded to the IDOH gave the county nearly one year to plan its response.


Dr. Kristina Box, Health Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Health, and Dr. Virginia A. Caine, Director and Chief Medical Officer of the Marion County Public Health Department, both made this one of their top priorities and spearheaded the Marion County response with technical assistance from Angela White, Senior Consultant and CEO of Johnson, Grossnickle & Associates (JGA), and Jason Grisell, President and CEO of The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis.


We believe that Marion County and Indiana can become
a place where new HIV transmissions and cases of AIDS
are rare, people living with HIV have treatment and
services to support health and prevention, and few
people are vulnerable or exposed to the virus.


Every person has potential to achieve better health.


Communities are Marion County’s most important source of
innovation and effective health promotion.


Health services and supportive services can always be improved.


Diversity is a strength.


Stigma has no place in an epidemic response.


Ending the HIV epidemic requires a collective effort.


Healthcare Providers will offer routine health screenings and linkage to services.


Community-Based Organizations will reach people in their neighborhoods and through their social networks with testing, and with campaigns to promote and incentivize regular health screenings and healthcare.


People who are HIV-Positive will be linked to and retained in HIV treatment and related services and supports to achieve reduction in community viral load (U=U) and rates of STIs, HCV, overdoses and other causes of poor health.


People who are HIV-Negative and in need of HIV PrEP, PEP, and services for sexual health, mental health, addiction treatment, or harm reduction support will be linked to and retained in those services and supports to achieve reductions in rates of HIV, STIs, HCV, overdoses, and other causes of poor health.


Health Service Providers and Community Organizations will engage and organize networks of people in each EHE priority population to document health needs and to encourage, facilitate, and support social connection, regular health screenings, and access to services. HIV outbreaks will be quickly identified and stopped.


This Marion County plan sets a goal, aligned with the Federal Ending the HIV Epidemic goal, to reduce the number of new HIV infections in the United States by 75% by 2025, and then by at least 90% by 2030, for an estimated 2,000 total HIV infections averted in Marion County during the coming decade.

Reduce the number of new HIV infections in the United States by
by 2025
by 2030
Partnerships & Funding
Marion County is one of the jurisdictions identified by the federal government to receive funds specific to this initiative.

Funding for this project originates with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). Funding is allocated to the Indiana Department of Health and Marion County Public Health Department as the agencies responsible for securing and administering funds and confirming guidelines and plans for monitoring, evaluating, and reporting. In addition, other federal agencies including SAMHSA, have provided funding to support EHE efforts.


However, we cannot rely solely on federal funding. Philanthropic entities and members of the community must support these efforts for us to truly make an impact.


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