We Need You

We need your help. We are working to create a healthier community where HIV resources are accessible to everyone. Our goals are to reduce the number of new HIV cases and ensure that people living with HIV are getting the support they need. We need you to stand SIDE by SIDE with us.


If you pledge your support today, we will commit to providing your organization with the following resources:


    • Community Profile: A profile for your organization in our community resource database.
    • Featured Article: A featured article about your organization on our website and social media.
    • Social Content: Co-branded social media assets to your organization.
    • Marketing Support: Toolkits that your organization can customize and use on-demand.


We can make HIV a thing of the past, but it will take all of us working together. Join us.

Take The Pledge

Although there have been significant improvements in the care, information, and outcomes for those living with HIV, the epidemic persists in our community. For us to effectively end the spread of HIV, it is going to take all of us to come together to drive change, inform, educate, and support those living with or at risk of HIV. We need to hold each other accountable to see that all people, regardless of geography, income, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation have equal access to the information and resources which empower them to take charge of their lives.


Today we are asking you and your organization to take the pledge to become part of the SIDE by SIDE movement.

Together We Will

Educate the uninformed and combat stigma at every turn.


Reach people wherever they are on their journey.


Respond to their individual needs.


Empower individuals to take control of their whole health.


Provide easy access to the resources needed for care and prevention of HIV.

The Vision

When you pledge to stand SIDE by SIDE with your community, you are aligning behind the vision that Marion County and Indiana can become a place where new HIV transmissions and cases of AIDS are rare, people living with HIV have treatment and services to support health and prevention, and few people are vulnerable or exposed to the virus.

Reduce the number of new HIV infections in the United States by
by 2025
by 2030
Supporter Benefits
Community Profile

SIDE by SIDE will work with you to create a tailored profile of your organization in our community resource database.

Featured Article

SIDE by SIDE will publish an article featuring your organization and highlighting the great work that you are doing in our community.

Social Content

SIDE by SIDE will create and share social media content to make it easy for your organization to engage your audience in conversation.

Marketing Support

SIDE by SIDE will share easy-to-use marketing materials that your organization can customize and use on-demand.

Pledge Your Support Today

We can make HIV a thing of the past, but it will take all of us working together. Will your organization join us?


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