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What happens if I test positive?

Take a deep breath - everything is going to be alright. It's important that you find a healthcare provider or an HIV services organization that can provide emotional support and healthcare for you. Your doctor will want to monitor your health closely to make sure you don't have any other infections, such as Hepatitis Read More

What if I think someone shared HIV with me?

If you believe that someone may have shared HIV with you in the last 72 hours, you can use PEP, an HIV prevention medication, to reduce the chance that the HIV virus will spread in your body. You should see your doctor, an HIV services organization, or an emergency department to get PEP. They Read More

How do I prevent HIV?

The best way to protect yourself from HIV is by getting tested for HIV and STDs regularly, knowing your status, and using protection like condoms or dental dams. You can also consider using PrEP, an HIV prevention medication, to reduce your risk of getting HIV by 90% or more. Read More

How long does it take for HIV to show up on a test?

Just like any other virus, it can take a while for the virus to spread throughout the body and become strong enough to show up on a test. It typically takes three months before a test can pick up an HIV infection. This is why it can be important for you to be tested Read More

How does HIV testing work?

Testing can either involve an oral swab or a blood test, depending on where you are tested. If you are using an oral or finger-prick test, you will receive results in a matter of minutes. For your blood test, you will need to wait up to two weeks to get the results. Most HIV Read More


National HIV Hotline
24/7 answers to your questions about HIV
National Suicide Prevention Helpline
Call if you’re concerned about self-harm.
Trans Lifeline
Mental health support for transgender and non-binary individuals.
National Sexual Assault Hotline
Assistance for people who have experienced sexual assault.
National Domestic Violence Hotline
For those who may be in an unsafe situation with a partner or family member.

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